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To Serve and Protect

Saluting Ocean Grove Police and Firemen

Golden Age of the American Carousel

Perdita Buchan Speaking August 27.

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Closed Due To COVID-19

Unfortunately, the Historical Society of Ocean Grove is closed until further notice because of the COVID-19 pandemic. With your safety in mind, we’ve cancelled all events including our general meetings, walking tours, and 52nd Annual House Tour. The Society faces a serious revenue shortfall from these cancelled events which brought in 49% of last years budget.

The Historical Society of Ocean Grove

uses its Museum, Centennial Cottage, exhibitions, collections, archives, library, tours, events, and anticipated education programs to create opportunities for lively discussions of historical, social, political, and cultural contexts – with relevant connections to today.


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People discover their place in time through stories of their families and communities: ones of struggle and triumph, injustice and equality, and loss and achievement shape values that guide people through life.

A place becomes a community when wrapped in human memory as told through family stories, community traditions, and civic commemorations, and from our roles and responsibilities to each other and the places we call home.

Democracy thrives when people convene to express opinions, listen to others, and take action. Weaving history into discussions about contemporary issues clarifies differing perspectives and misperceptions, reveals complexities, grounds competing views in evidence, and introduces new ideas. All of this leads to greater understanding and viable community solutions.

History provides today’s leaders with role models as they navigate through the complexities of modern life. People’s stories from the past offer direction to contemporary leaders and help clarify their values and ideals.

History, preserved, is the foundation for future generations. Historical knowledge is crucial to protecting democracy. By preserving authentic and meaningful documents, artifacts, images, stories, and places, future generations have a foundation on which to build and know what it means to be a member of the civic community. 

Adapted from the History Relevance Initiative of the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH)

The Historical Society of Ocean Grove welcomes visitors five days a week during the summer season.

Our purpose is to sustain the heritage and honor of being designated a National Historic District. The legacy of a treasured past is preserved in our Museum and living history museum, Centennial Cottage. Learn more about this unique seashore resort, one that has the largest assemblage of authentic Victorian architecture in the nation established as a 19th century Victorian planned community.

Our Events

The Historical Society offers various events, tours and programs during the summer to residents and the many visitors to Ocean Grove. They are highlighted on this website.  Welcome!